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Learn how to make molds, choose the right clay or glaze, form and sculpt clay, use a clay extruder, develop a clay curriculum for elementary and middle school students and MUCH MORE from the various publications and videos available from AMACO®.

Noted ceramic experts offer their words of wisdom on these and many other topics to enhance the knowledge of artists and art teachers.

  Instructional Aids  

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The Great Clay Adventure

This 134-page book provides art teachers with core ideas and field-tested examples for creating a sequential art curriculum.

Designed for elementary and middle school students, "The Great Clay Adventure" provides art teachers with core ideas and field-tested examples for creating a sequential art curriculum. Clay projects start with simple concepts, skills, and techniques, first individually then combined.

The activities in this 134-page book are designed to focus students' attention on dynamic, interactive, clay handbuilding techniques. Each lesson is supplied with checkpoints to assess students' understanding and progress.


Clay Workshop with Elizabeth Priddy (Video)

In this video, Elizabeth Priddy helps beginning and intermediate artists create large and tall pots as easily as smaller ones through her successful wheel throwing methods.

Ceramic artist Elizabeth Priddy presents her wheel throwing methods that will help beginning and intermediate artists create large and tall pots as easily as smaller ones in this 45 minute video.

She stresses the importance of re-centering the pot after each step as well as the effective use of ribs throughout the process to create balanced, even, and lightweight pottery. Three different camera angles were used to more effectively demonstrate each step. VHS, 45 minutes.


Instructional Posters

Ideal for school ceramic art departments or studio, these posters include step-by-step full color photographs to illustrate ceramic techniques, including wedging, coil and slab construction, hump molds, centering and throwing, trimming, and glazing and firing.

Examples of finished work by leading ceramists are shown on some of the posters. One poster illustrates thirty-six different cross-sections. The set consists of fourteen posters, each 17" Wide x 22" High. All are printed on cardstock with holes for hanging and have a protective UV coating.

Set of Fourteen Ceramic Posters:

  1. Wedging

  2. Pinch Pots

  3. Coil Building I

  4. Coil Building II

  5. Slab Construction I

  6. Slab Construction II

  7. Hump Molds

  8. Centering and Throwing I

  9. Centering and Throwing II

  10. Centering and Throwing III

  11. Trimming

  12. Profiles of Pots

  13. Glazing

  14. Bisque and Glaze Firing


Set of 14 posters


Clay: Handbuilding Techniques

Coil, pinch and slab are clay forming methods with a long history. Yet modern artists, as shown in this 88-page book, utilize these methods as much as our ancestors. The photographs represent the work of numerous artists and illustrate both functional and innovative uses of these basic forming methods.



Art: Ceramic Techniques

This series of 10 informative video programs provides art teachers with the skills and techniques needed to help students translate creative ideas into visible terms using clay.

Hosted by Dr. Clem Pennington, Professor of Art Education at Florida University, Miami, "Art: Ceramic Techniques" emphasizes art history, aesthetics and an understanding of the work of past and contemporary ceramists through appreciation, designing, hand-building, decoration and wheel techniques. VHS format.

Programs range from 23-30 minutes each.
1. Introduction To Ceramic Techniques
2. Pinch Construction
3. Coil Construction
4. Slab Construction
5. Slab Sculpture
6. Fantasy Sculpture
7. Wheel Techniques: Centering/Cylinder/Bowl
8. Wheel Techniques: Trimming Foot Spout/Handles
9. Tiles and Murals
10. Decorating, Glazing and Firing

10 Video Programs


Sculpting Clay

Written by the author of the widely used "Claywork", Sculpting Clay is a 190 page book that explores numerous approaches to working with clay including non-fired clays, fired clays, hand forming, coil construction, making slabs, solid and hollow modeling and the various ways to use each type in sculpture.




Ceramics: Mastering the Craft

This 336-page book describes step-by-step procedures for buying and formulating clays, choosing and applying glazes, and forming and firing clay bodies. Quick-reference charts for clay and glaze material types, glaze melting characteristics, toxic materials and cones and firing ranges are included.




Electric Kiln Ceramics

This 304-page guide will show potters how to use the electric kiln to achieve clear, brilliant colors and richly textured surfaces. Also included are: completely revised glaze recipes and updated health and safety information, information on commercial glazes for low fire work and photography featuring the work of artists from around the world.



Metal Enameling

This booklet contains 20 pages of simple instructions for cleaning of metal, methods of application, firing and finishing. Also included are many sketches and photographs.




Surface Decorations for Low-Fire Ceramics

Geared for the novice as well as the experienced ceramicist, this 144-page book is a comprehensive and beautiful guide to surface decoration for low-fire work. A section on clay basics gets you started and introduces you to the ease of low-fire work.

Subsequent chapters explain and illustrate the major applications such as underglazes and overglazes, as well as the main techniques, including slip trailing, sgraffito, terra sigillata, majolica, and decals.




Extruded Ceramics

Discover the artistic possibilities that a clay extruder can add to your classroom or studio ceramic projects. With step-by-step instructions and hundreds of how-to photographs, this 144-page book is a colorful and complete guide to successfully using this useful but often neglected ceramic tool. Ten projects teach the basics while an extensive photo gallery of some of the best extruded work provide the inspiration.




Clay Lovers Guide to Making Molds

Have you ever thrown the perfect vase and wished you had three or four more just like it? This book, written in a very personable approach by mold maker and artist Pierce Clayton, is designed to encourage even beginners to start creating mold-made art.




Hand Formed Ceramics

"Hand-Formed Ceramics" presents potters with a global survey of various artists' techniques for creating sculpture, vessels, and wall pieces. Author Richard Zakin combines his expertise with that of artists from around the world to give potters insight into working with clay, the basics of the hand forming process, and finishing pieces in this 272-page book.




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