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Brent Pottery Wheels - The Gold Standard

  Pottery Wheels  

--- Click on Model Number or Image Number for Details ---

Brent Pottery Wheels    
Animated SALE BURST-- 3D GIF animation by Media Tech Productions.

Brent ie Pottery Wheel

Pottery wheel with 3 legs- tripod, 1/4 HP, 12" head Brent IE Pottery Wheel
Animated SALE BURST-- 3D GIF animation by Media Tech Productions.

Brent ie-t Pottery Wheel

Pottery, very portable, table top wheel with 3 legs- tripod, 1/4 HP, 12" head
Animated SALE BURST-- 3D GIF animation by Media Tech Productions.

Brent ie-x Pottery Wheel

An excellent value in a very strong and affordable pottery wheel by Brent.  Pottery, 3 legs- tripod, 1/3 HP, 14" head
Brent A Pottery Wheel Pottery wheel with one piece design, 1/3 HP, 12" head Brent A Pottery Wheel

Brent B Pottery Wheel

Pottery wheel with 3 legs - tripod, 1/2 HP, 12" head Brent B Pottery Wheel

Animated SALE BURST-- 3D GIF animation by Media Tech Productions.

Brent C Pottery Wheel

Pottery wheel with 3 legs- tripod, 3/4 HP, 14" head Brent C Pottery Wheel
Brent CXC Pottery Wheel Pottery wheel with 3 legs- tripod, 1.0 HP, 14" head Brent CXC Pottery Wheel
Brent EX Pottery Wheel Pottery wheel with 3 legs- tripod, 1.5 HP, 14" head Brent EX Pottery Wheel
Brent J Kickwheel Traditional kick pottery wheel design Brent Model J Kick Wheel Potter's Wheel

Why Choose the Brent Potters Wheel? 

Here is a handy checklist for you to download, print, and use when shopping for wheels.  Simply click on the image to download and take with you while you comparison shop.

  1. True Industrial grade, large frame motor. Compare the physical size of Brent motors to those of other manufacturer's claiming to have more horsepower.  Remember...Motor Size = Torque!  Anyone can play games with specs.  It's what is "under the hood" that matters.  Go ahead, crawl under the wheels to take a look!

  2. Heavy gage, Powder Coated steel under plastic deck.

  3. Premium grade, resilient, and easy to clean plastic drip table and splash pan.

  4. Reversible with the simple flip of a switch!  No messing around with clumsy, unreliable reversing plugs that get clogged with clay.

  5. Strongest Warranty in Industry - A full 5 Years from the industry's oldest pottery wheel manufacturer!

  6. Belt Tensioner.  This is not so easy to see.  All Brent's have an integrated belt tensioner to keep proper force on the drive belt and pulley at all times.

  7. Metal Pulleys.  Go for wheels with metal drive pulleys, not plastic.

  8. Heavy Duty, Rust Free, cast aluminum foot pedal.  Not painted metal (with a piece of sandpaper glued to it) that rusts when scratched.  Remember, pedals are on the floor and the do get wet.   Go for aluminum (it's silver in appearance as opposed to brown) for durability.

  9. High grade aluminum wheel head.  Not plastic.  Again, aluminum wheel heads are silver in appearance and plastic wheel heads are brown.  Plastic heads can wear when tooling.

  10. Metal bearing set and carriers.  Watch out for plastic carriers in many other brands as they are more likely to wobble over time.  These are the important things you cannot see on the surface!  Look under the wheel head to see what hold the spindle to the frame.

  11. Most Extensive Nationwide Dealer and Service Network.


At Handsnclay, we have very stringent requirements for the  pottery wheels we carry.  We believe a pottery wheel should be built of the highest quality components with excellent performance and features.  In pottery wheels, we choose not to sell wheels where corners are cut in the design, manufacture, and components.  We strive to carry innovative pottery wheels from market leaders who not only produce the highest quality pottery wheels, but they also have extensive dealer networks to support the pottery wheels after they are purchased. 

For example, we carry the Brent Model C Pottery Wheel - Our number one seller, and for good reasons!


The Brent Model C Pottery Wheel can be found in more studios, schools, and homes than any other Pottery Wheel, and there is a good reason why.  The Brent Model C Pottery Wheel is the wheel that leads the industry in performance, design, functionality, durability, and reliability.  It is no wonder that many others have tried to copy it.  But none of the copies come close to the feel and action of a Brent, period.  All Brent Pottery Wheels, including the Brent C Pottery Wheel, are backed by the industry's best and most extensive factory warranty, a full 5 years.    But anyone who as ever owned a Brent Pottery Wheel knows that a warranty is only as good as the company who stands behind it.  Brent has been in business since 1919 and maintains a knowledgeable crew of technicians who are only a phone call away when you need answers.  Brent also maintains the most extensive authorized service network in North America.  Chances are, there is a Bent service center near you.  After all, a warranty is only as good as the support, and availability of support, behind it.  It just doesn't get any better than owning a Brent.

But don't take our word for it.  Ask others who are serious about throwing pottery about Brent Pottery Wheels.  Ask them why they prefer to throw on a Brent Pottery Wheel versus any other wheel.

How to Request a Quotation (including shipping/handling)

The most efficient way to get you a turn-key quote on those pottery wheels that are not already priced with shipping included, is to send us an email specifying the pottery wheel you want to purchase and your complete shipping address with phone number.  We will do our best to get you your quote on that pottery wheel as quickly as possible!  If there is a pottery wheel model that you do not see on our site, chances are we carry it.  Ask us!

All kids love to throw and so does Rachel, Age 9, on her Handsnclay Brent Model C Potters Wheel!  Brent, the gold standard in pottery wheels.

We are your Authorized Dealer for World Class Brent Pottery Wheels.