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Email us to Buy It! Brent Model J Kick Wheel Potter's Wheel Our Price $899.95*
Features Model J Kick Wheel 22615S.... $1175.00 Specifications
This sturdy kick wheel combines 1 1/4" pipe and a 135 lb. concrete flywheel offering years of service to potters preferring to throw the old fashioned way. The 1" steel shaft of the Model J is supported by first quality ball bearings with cast iron housings for smooth movement.



14" cast aluminum wheel head -- marked with concentric circles for ease in centering and includes two removable bat pins

Quality seat and worktable -- made from high density, 1" wood table covered with an easy-to-clean laminate finish

Adjustable seat -- sets the seat at a comfortable height

Sturdy construction -- the heavy pipe frame is shaped, welded, and securely braced for rigidity

Concrete flywheel -- 30" diameter, steel reinforced, rough on top for kicking and smooth around the rim for braking for excellent foot control while throwing

Five year warranty through our nationwide authorized service network


Recommended User Optional Splash Pan (Recommended) Dimensions/Weight
Experienced Potter shipping dimensions: 46.0 " x 43.0 " x 30.0 "

shipping weight: 325 lbs.

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Email us to pay by check or money order and get the Brent Model J Kick Wheel for only: Price = $899.95* Shipping and Handling calculated a when purchased.
Optional Splash Pan:  


Credit Card purchases are available for an additional fee.