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Improved for 2006, Brent Model C Wheel (3/4 hp) with Splash Pan & Bat + 5 Year Factory Warranty

$929.95 + Free Glaze

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Brent Model C Potter's Wheel

Now with 3/4 hp motor...the largest in its class!  Upgraded and Improved for 2006!

Our Price $929.95

Animated SALE BURST-- 3D GIF animation by Media Tech Productions.

Includes splash pan and 14" Plasti-Bat

Features Model C Potter's Wheel 22608J.... List Price $1175.00 Specifications
The Brent Model C Potter's wheel is unequivocally the most popular potter's wheel, and for good reason.  The Brent C has a tried and true, heavy duty DC motor and power delivery systems that handles much more than 75 pounds of clay (Brent conservatively rates its motors and its capacities which means this wheel can throw much more).  It's modular control allows wheel reversal at the flick of a switch.  The aluminum wheel head rides on industrial strength double row ball bearings for long, quiet, trouble free service life.  And of course don't forget the best splash pan in the industry - deep, leak free, spatter proof, and easy to remove and clean!   

Brent Model C Potters Wheel

FREE Splash Pan & one 14" premium Plasti-Bat with Purchase of Brent C Potter's Wheel. 

5 Year Factory Warranty

Now is the best time to buy the industry's best potter's wheel!  With prices like this, why settle for anything less than a Brent?


State-of-the-art control box -- Features a "forward/reverse" switch for changing wheel direction with the touch of a finger. In addition, both the motor and foot pedal have snap connectors for easy removal for repair or replacement.

All-steel construction -- for strength, durability and rigidity

Electronic speed controls -- assures maximum torque and smooth response

Automatic belt tensioning -- keeps the 4-groove poly-v drive belt tight for maximum performance

Permanent magnet DC motor -- provides dependable, variable speed control

Powerful, cast aluminum foot pedal -- offers smooth control and speed range of 0-240 rpm

Wheel head -- Cast aluminum, 14" diameter, with two bat pin holes (pins included)

Includes 14" premium quality Plasti-Bat

Five year warranty through our nationwide authorized service network

Perfect when purchased with a Brent SRC Mini Slab Roller and an Excel EX226 Kiln!

What a nice way to round out your studio.

Recommended User Splash Pan and one 14" Plasti-Bat Included!!! Dimensions/Weight
Beginning potter's through Advanced.

Great for use in Schools and Professional Studios

Brent Splash Pan1 - 14" Plasti-Bat shipping dimensions: 23.0 " x 28.5 " x 23.25 "

shipping weight: 121 lbs.
Comparable Wheel Comparison/Reviews to Brent C
Brent Model C - (5 out of 5 stars) - Traditional 3 legged design with extremely solid steel frame construction and ample high grade plastic covered drip surfaces.  Industry leading splash pan simply will not leak (many other brands need to follow Brent's lead here).  Modular control allows for reversal at the flip of a switch.  V-belt drive with automatic tensioner eliminates belt play.  14 " cast aluminum wheel head rides on double row industrial ball bearing sets.  This means that the Brent wheel had will stay true.  Some wheels use lesser grade bearing systems and the wheel heads start to wobble with age, this can make centering and throwing a real chore.  Brent has invested in industrial grade components in the areas that matter the most.  The C has the largest motor in its class, a 3/4 HP heavy duty DC motor and control.  It has a solid, quiet, and reliable wheel with a long heritage of quality and performance.  Brent also has longest and most comprehensive factory warranty in the industry; a full 5 years from Brent.  And Brent has the most extensive and experienced dealer network through North America, in the unlikely event your wheel would need service.  This wheel is the benchmark that others try to copy, but none, to be quite frank, have come close.

Shimpo VL Whisper - (3 out of 5 stars) - Similar form factor to Brent C, though slightly shorter.  Wheel head is the same 14" as on Brent C and is also aluminum.  The VL Whisper uses a new direct drive DC motor to deliver RPM's to the wheel head.  The Brent C, by contrast, uses a proven belt driven DC motor.  Both the Brent and the Shimpo have speed reversing switches and are very quiet.  Both have cast aluminum pedals.

Pacifica GT400 - (3 out of 5 stars) - Similar form factor as Brent C.  Very smooth aluminum pedal.  The GT400 has a 1/2 HP belt driven motor and a steel frame with plastic table cover and drip edge (similar to Brent C though not the same quality of materials).  The wheel head is 13" aluminum.  This is 1" smaller than most wheel heads in this category.  It uses a belt and pulley drive system of different construction than the Brent C.

Why Choose the Brent C Potters Wheel? 

Here is a handy checklist for you to use when comparing wheels.

  1. True Industrial grade, large frame motor. Compare the physical size of Brent motors to those of other manufacturer's claiming to have more horsepower.  Remember...Motor Size = Torque!  Anyone can play games with specs.  It's what is "under the hood" that matters.  Go ahead, crawl under the wheels to take a look!

  2. Heavy gage, Powder Coated steel under plastic deck.

  3. Premium grade, resilient, and easy to clean plastic drip table and splash pan.

  4. Reversible with the simple flip of a switch!  No messing around with clumsy, unreliable reversing plugs that get clogged with clay.

  5. Strongest Warranty in Industry - A full 5 Years from the industry's oldest pottery wheel manufacturer!

  6. Belt Tensioner.  This is not so easy to see.  All Brent's have an integrated belt tensioner to keep proper force on the drive belt and pulley at all times.

  7. Metal Pulleys.  Go for wheels with metal drive pulleys, not plastic.

  8. Heavy Duty, Rust Free, cast aluminum foot pedal.  Not painted metal (with a piece of sandpaper glued to it) that rusts when scratched.  Remember, pedals are on the floor and the do get wet.   Go for aluminum (it's silver in appearance as opposed to brown) for durability.

  9. High grade aluminum wheel head.  Not plastic.  Again, aluminum wheel heads are silver in appearance and plastic wheel heads are brown.  Plastic heads can wear when tooling.

  10. Metal bearing set and carriers.  Watch out for plastic carriers in many other brands as they are more likely to wobble over time.  These are the important things you cannot see on the surface!  Look under the wheel head to see what hold the spindle to the frame.

  11. Most Extensive Nationwide Dealer and Service Network.