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We carry the entire line of premium quality clays by American Art Clay Company, Inc. 

We can ship to your door.  No more lugging those heavy boxes of clay from the store!

Click Here for an informative clay comparison article.

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How to Request a Quotation (including shipping/handling)  

Clay is best and most economically ordered in multiple boxes.  Each box contains 50 lbs of clay. Send us an email specifying the clay you want to purchase and your complete shipping address with phone number.  We will do out best to get you your quote as quickly as possible!  And if you live close to the factory in Indy, you can pick up your clay in person and save shipping costs.


--- Click on Clay Name or Image for Details ---

High Fire Clays Description Images
Warm Brown Stoneware Clay No. 58 The unique composition of No. 58 creates a warm brown color of reduction when fired in oxidation up to Cone 7 and a terra cotta color at Cone 05. It's a good all around clay for the classroom because of its versatility.
Porcelain No. 65 Porcelain Clay No. 65 has a new formula that makes it an excellent body for wheel throwing, sculpture, and all other methods of hand building.
Stoneware Clay w/o grog No. 480 Stoneware Body No. 480 is a warm buff color peppered with dark spots. The absence of grog gives the clay a smoother surface and is more plastic. It is excellent for throwing, hand building and casting, but is not as suitable as regular No. 48 for sculpture.
Stoneware Clay w/grog No. 48 Stoneware Body No. 48 is a warm buff color peppered throughout with dark spots and is excellent for throwing, hand building, and sculpture, but is not suitable for casting.
White Stoneware Clay No. 38 White Stoneware No. 38 is an excellent body for throwing, slab rolling and hand modeling. This formula has greatly improved plasticity, a better fit at Cone 5 and makes an excellent Cone 10 stoneware.
Buff Firing Clay No. 46 Buff Firing Clay No. 46 is a stoneware clay that is ideal for making durable dishes, sculpture, planters, patio vases and other utility and decorative ware.


HIGH FIRE CLAYS 1 box 2 - 9 boxes 10+ boxes
Buff Firing Clay No. 46 $16.73 $14.73 $13.48
White Stoneware No. 38 $17.56 $15.56 $14.31
Porcelain Clay No. 65 $25.10 $23.10 $21.85
Stoneware with Grog No. 48 $22.42 $20.42 $19.17
Stoneware w/o Grog No. 480 $21.75 $19.75 $18.50
Warm Brown Stoneware No. 58 $17.06 $15.06 $13.81
LOW FIRE CLAYS 1 box 2 - 9 boxes 10+ boxes
White Art No. 25 $17.73 $15.73 $13.53
Off White Sculpture No. 27 $19.07 $17.07 $14.87
Versa Clay No. 20 $17.73 $15.73 $13.53
Indian Red Clay No. 67 $17.40 $15.40 $13.20
Terra Cotta Clay No. 77 $19.41 $17.41 $15.21


Low Fire Clays Description Images
White Art Clay No. 25

Our most popular clay!  Used by the students at Handsclay.

An all-purpose low-fire pure white clay, No. 25 is suitable for all handbuilding methods of modeling and wheel throwing.
Off White Sculpture, Raku Clay No. 27 Off White Sculpture Clay No. 27 is specially formulated for sculpture and raku but can also be used to hand build and throw larger pieces.
Versa Clay No. 20 Versa Clay No. 20 is an extremely plastic clay that lends itself to all types of hand building, wheel throwing, can be press molded, and shaped paper-thin without cracking.
Indian Red Clay No. 67 Indian Red Clay No. 67 is a rich red color before and after firing and is an excellent plastic clay for all hand methods of modeling: slab, push and pull, coil, sculpture, and wheel throwing.
Terra Cotta Clay No. 77 Terra Cotta Clay No. 77 is excellent for throwing of large pieces, hand building of any size, even large outdoor sculptures, without the fear of slumping. Ideal for making tiles that will fire straight without warping. It can also be used as a Red Raku body.
Egyptian Paste No. 70-D Egyptian Paste is a low fire, self-glazing body. Objects may be shaped by any hand method or pressed in molds. Colors develop a gloss and often times crackle finish.  Email Us for pricing.