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We value our customers, and the nice things they say about us...

"Thanks to CedaRack, my studio is not only more functional, but that musty smell that we potters all know has been replaced by the excellent smell of Cedar.  My entire house smells great.  Thanks Handsnclay!"

Melodee, Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I love the Shimpo Vl whisper.  I know I am going to enjoy it for my years to come.  Thanks for making it affordable and readily available.

"Aloha from Hawaii,  I would like everyone to know what an excellent buying experience I have had.  Doing business with Handsnclay is great.  Because I live on the island of Maui in Hawaii, I have found it difficult to find companies and suppliers that are willing to go to the trouble of working with me to arrange shipping, etc.  It is also difficult to find local suppliers for potters wheels and kilns.  Handsnclays prices were very competitive, and they have been extremely helpful and friendly to deal with.  It is a dream come true for me to have my kiln, and potters wheel in my home again.  My first love is "hand built", one of a kind, sculptural vessels and other items.  I also build pieces from my potters wheel, and for those items, the RK Whisper is so wonderful. And I love how quiet it is.  The Excel kiln has been great, having the automatic digital control is amazing.  It has made the firing process so easy.  What a big difference from when I started working in clay 30+ years ago.  Aloha to all, and thank you again to Handsnclay and the Vicars."

"The wheel arrived yesterday.  Thanks for all your help."

"Melodee,  Thanks, its a pleasure working with you.  I really appreciate that you guys stand behind your products."

"I just wanted to thank you for all your help.  I was pleasantly surprised to find my wheel arrived the other day, having come much faster than I'd expected.  I'm thrilled to finally have my own wheel and it's only thanks to the great deal you were able to give me.  I must say it was a little daunting to purchase something so large from somewhere across the country that I'd only found by searching online; I found your service to be very helpful and quick and will certainly think of Handsnclay first whenever I am next ready to purchase more pottery equipment.  Thank you again, you've helped make me a very happy person!  Keep up with the great service.  Thanks"

"Opened my brand new potters wheel"..."It is beautiful! Thank you both for that unexpected blessing!"..."May Angels continue to guide and protect you in the name of God."

"Thanks again for the very fast response! Good luck with your website! It's a good one. Should just be a matter of time. :-)"

"Wow! I sure wasn't expecting a response THAT quick!"

"I will be collecting my pennies, nickels, and dimes to make this work!"

"By the way, great web-site!!  Always nice to find one that is easy to negotiate."

"This is an unexpected Blessing! Thank You!"

"Again, thank you for your good-will and many blessings be your reward."

"I noticed you had a notice on Kiln Time sharing.  I have a few pieces of porcelain I need to paint as well as a few pieces of greenware porcelain I need to have fired.  I don't get to work on my hobby much, but I would like to get something done in the next couple of months.  Do you fire pieces like doll heads?"

"Hey, it's good to know you are in the area.  I went all the way down to xxxxx to get this wheel and my kilns several years ago."

"Thank you for your response to my inquiry about the xxxx wheel. Actually, you were the only person who responded to my plea for advice."

"Hello, I am a college student looking to buy a model C Brent wheel and splash pan."

"Thank you for keeping me informed. I'm so excited and eager to get started. Thank you for your support."

"Thanks Melodee, your help is appreciated"

"I really appreciate all your help and I knew a wheel from the USA would be cheaper."

"Hello, I am going to open a pottery studio on a small turkish island, will you be able to deliver to Turkey?  I will need a kiln and a wheel."

"Hi Melodee.  I saw your web site, very cute and easy to read...I love William!  What a Star!!"..."here is a picture of my sculpture."

"Thanks for the prompt reply."

"Hi Melodee.  This is Amanda xxxxx, I called last week asking questions about some of your classes.  I will like to do Saturdays, if that's ok."

"I'm a new potter and after searching the web I came across Hands N Clay. I got excellent service and a great deal on my Brent pottery wheel. I received my wheel in good condition and I plan on getting more services from Hands N Clay as I continue to setup my work space at home. Thank you Hands N Clay. Eva xxxxxx"

"Hello Melodee,  I am starting up a small pottery school here in xxxxx, GA on June 1st.  My students will be beginners to advanced both children and adults.  I need to purchase 4 wheels and 4 stools.  I was wondering if you could please quote me the best price possible on this complete purchase."..."I would greatly appreciate your advice and quote through an e-mail response.  Thank you kindly."

"Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions and for helping me begin this exciting journey."

"Boy you are fast! (at responding  to questions :) Aloha, Pat..."

"Just starting with setting up my workshop.  I was looking at your web site and looks like you and I will be doing a lot more business.  Thanks Again."


..."I found your site and figured WOW! A brand new cone 10 digital kiln for the same out of pocket as upgrading my current kiln!! Woo-hoo!"