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Pottery Wheels

Just the best pottery wheels, prices, and personal service!  We carry pottery wheels that are the benchmark in quality, performance, and features.

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Brent Pottery Wheels

Click on Wheel Model

Description Rating Click on Image
Brent ie Pottery Wheel The Brent® model ie wheel is economical, well-built, and has many features of the larger Brent® wheels. It has a sturdy 3/16" angle iron frame and can center up to 20 lbs. of clay. The ie has removable legs making it very portable for taking to workshops and demonstrations.

Brent ie-t Pottery Wheel

This Brent® tabletop wheel has all of the features of the model ie wheel with the exception of the foot pedal. The ie-t has a combination foot pedal/handle with a 9' cord for use on the floor as a foot pedal or can be operated by hand on a table. At only 72 lbs. and 18"W x 24 3/4"D x 13 1/2"H, the ie-t is very portable.

Brent ie-x Pottery Wheel

The Brent® model ie-x wheel is a step up from the Brent® ie wheel and can center well over 25 lbs. of clay. It has all of the features of the model ie with the following enhancements:

14" cast aluminum wheel head -- including removable bat pins

1/3 hp, 6 amp permanent magnet DC motor -- provides dependable, variable speed control

Reversing Switch

FREE 14" Plasti-bat®

FREE Splash pan

This new addition to the Brent line is an exceptional performer.  It has a full sized 14" wheel head and a very competant 1/3HP motor with reversing switch.

Brent A Pottery Wheel The Model A is a low priced, small wheel for the hobbyist or studio potter. It's durable steel frame is very lightweight (59 lbs.) making it perfect for taking to workshops and demonstrations. Quieter than ever, this wheel has a 1/3 hp motor allowing it to center 25 lbs. of clay. The 12 inch cast aluminum wheel head, permanently lubricated ball bearings, poly-v belt drive and foot pedal are the same components used on our other wheels.

Brent B Pottery Wheel

Designed to fill the needs of school and studio potters, the Model B is competitively priced and is quiet and solid under a load of 50 pounds of clay. The B has a 12" cast aluminum wheel head, the table and drive system of the C, combined with a 1/2 hp motor for the power and weight necessary for school use.

Pottery wheel with 3 legs - tripod, NOW WITH 1/2 HP Motor!, 12" head

This Wheel is a True bargain.  With the larger motor for 2006, it is essentially a Brent Model C wheel (just with a slightly smaller wheel head).

Brent C Pottery Wheel

The Model C is recommended for both schools and professional potters. It centers 75 pounds of clay with a 3/4 hp, 7 amp motor and has a reputation for mechanical efficiency, long life and quiet, vibration-free dependability. The 14-inch cast and machined aluminum head runs on permanently sealed double row ball bearings.

Pottery wheel with 3 legs- tripod, NOW WITH 3/4 HP Motor!, 14" head

Ranked #1 Pottery Wheel!

Brent CXC Pottery Wheel For years the CXC has been our heavy-duty wheel for the potter requiring strong, consistent performance whose work often includes large forms. It features a tough 1 hp, 10 amp motor and steel table, giving it the power and strength to easily center 100 lbs. of clay.
Brent EX Pottery Wheel The EX is the most powerful Brent wheel we've ever built. The heavy-duty 1 1/2 hp, 15 amp motor has the power to center over 100 lbs. of clay! Together with a steel table, the EX can handle virtually any throwing project.
Brent J Kickwheel This sturdy kick wheel combines 1 1/4" pipe and a 135 lb. concrete flywheel offering years of service to potters preferring to throw the old fashioned way. The 1" steel shaft of the Model J is supported by ball bearings with cast iron housings for smooth movement.
Pacifica Pottery Wheels

Click on Wheel Model

Description Rating  
Pacifica GT400 Pottery Wheel Pottery wheel with 3 legs- tripod, 1/2 HP, 13" head
Pacifica GT800 Pottery Wheel Pottery wheel with 3 legs- tripod, 1.0 HP, 13" head
AMACO Pottery Wheels

Click on Wheel Model

Description Rating  
AMACO 16 Rehab Pottery Wheel Wheelchair accessible pottery wheel
AMACO 2C Pottery Wheel Industrial Duty pottery wheel! Direct Drive Potter's Wheel.  It doesn't get any better.

How to Request a Quotation (including shipping/handling)

The most efficient way to get you a turn-key quote on those pottery wheels that are not already priced with shipping included, is to send us an email specifying the pottery wheel you want to purchase and your complete shipping address with phone number.  We will do our best to get you your quote on that pottery wheel as quickly as possible!  If there is a pottery wheel model that you do not see on our site, chances are we carry it.  Ask us!

Consider buying a kiln too!


for the added convenience of owning both a wheel and a kiln.

Why Choose the Brent Potters Wheels? 

Here is a handy checklist for you to download, print, and use when shopping for wheels.  Simply click on the image to download and take with you while you comparison shop.

Pottery Wheel Checklist

At Handsnclay, we have very stringent requirements for the  pottery wheels we carry.  We believe a pottery wheel should be built of the highest quality components with excellent performance and features.  In pottery wheels, we choose not to sell wheels where corners are cut in the design, manufacture, and components.  We strive to carry innovative pottery wheels from market leaders who not only produce the highest quality pottery wheels, but they also have extensive dealer networks to support the pottery wheels after they are purchased. 

For example, we carry the Brent Model C Pottery Wheel - Our number one seller!  The Brent Model C Pottery Wheel can be found in more studios, schools, and homes than any other Pottery Wheel, and there is a good reason why.  The Brent Model C Pottery Wheel is the wheel that leads the industry in performance, design, functionality, durability, and reliability.  It is no wonder that many others have tried to copy it.  But none of the copies come close to the feel and action of a Brent, period.  All Brent Pottery Wheels, including the Brent C Pottery Wheel, are backed by the industry's best and most extensive factory warranty, a full 5 years.    But anyone who as ever owned a Brent Pottery Wheel knows that a warranty is only as good as the company who stands behind it.  Brent has been in business since 1919 and maintains a knowledgeable crew of technicians who are only a phone call away when you need answers.  Brent also maintains the most extensive authorized service network in North America.  Chances are, there is a Bent service center near you.  After all, a warranty is only as good as the support, and availability of support, behind it.

But don't take our word for it.  Ask others who are serious about throwing pottery about Brent Pottery Wheels.  Ask them why they prefer to throw on a Brent Pottery Wheel versus any other wheel.

All kids love to throw and so does Rachel, Age 9, on her Handsnclay Brent C Potters Wheel!  Brent, the gold standard in pottery wheels.

We are your Authorized Dealer for World Class Brent Pottery Wheels.